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Placeholders Insurance

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Our entrepreneur-client came to us with a bold idea in a particularly difficult market niche. Interestingly, there is a gap that occurs when insurance agents that represent only one company (for instance, State Farm) need to find coverage for their clients who suffer difficulties that cause their insurance to be cancelled or declined. When that happens, the agent’s relationship with the client is severed, and the client is forced to go out into the high-risk marketplace on his/her own.

The Placeholders™ new model bridges that gap and preserves the original agent-client relationship. On behalf of the original agent, Placeholders procures a high-risk policy for the customer, then tracks the customer’s progress until he is eligible for standard insurance again. He is then returned to the original agent. The customer has been served in his time of need, the original agent’s relationship has been retained, and Placeholders has performed a worthy service in the meantime.

In a very competitive market, the Placeholders innovation is in having found a formula where everyone wins. The customer wins because their difficult insurance needs have been met. The agency wins because their customer’s needs were met and the relationship was preserved. As it follows through on its promises, Placeholders wins by having gained a piece of business and a trustworthy relationship with the agent.

The new brand identity needed to convey all of these complexities: a balancing act that did not compromise the agent’s sense of responsibility, yet conveyed a sense of taking care of needs outside of normal practice.


Naming this company was a true collaboration; the client was integrally involved and in fact present at the moment the name appeared. The name Placeholders emerged organically as we grappled with the problem we were trying to solve–a business concept that is like a way-station — or a placeholder.


Typographically, we were looking for an eminently legible, readable rendering of this wonderful name. We chose type that conveys a sense of clarity and security, with a certain sense of plainspokenness. We chose a plain, unadorned, Gothic font–sans serif and somewhat blocky.


A simple file folder motif was chosen as an easy-to-understand reference to a business that involves paperwork. A folder is, in fact, a placeholder. Bingo.

The insertion-point caret graphic on the folder further underscores the idea of placement at a position. It is enhanced by its association with computers and information processing.


Two colors were chosen. Deep burnt-orange suggest thrift and expediency, while bronze-brown generates a sense of warmth and assurance.


Placeholders Insurance Website

We designed the website to secure trust between the agents and Placeholders. It invites a confident, satisfying user experience that parallels the Placeholders business experience.

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